Ivana Kusevic 

"I am grateful"

Ivana Kusevic 

I have been training with Jamal Pender since 2018 when I started attending his budokon mixed movement class, and I was immediately hooked.  Finally, there was practice combining everything I was looking for, elements of yoga, animal locomotion, and martial arts, in a format that works so well for me.  Since attending this class I improved my balance, flexibility, and strength.  Once Jamal added kickboxing to his schedule I knew it would become a regular class for me.  Hello to the best cardio and a whole body workout for someone like me who doesn’t like running. Regardless of your level of athleticism this class will challenge you, make you swear, and make you sweat.  It is the best stress relief by far.  Nothing like an hour of punching, kicking, and 5 min burn out at the end to give you the best reset at the end of a hard day.    
For me Jamal makes these classes.  He brings years of experience, commitment, structure, dedication, and most importantly tons of fun. Also, I am grateful to Caroline, who together with Jamal, has created Equilibrium, a space where we can continue to take part in these and many other classes, a space on which we can continue building an amazing community of people who are encouraging and supportive.  

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