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  • Danette Frederique's success story

    Fun and accessible!

    Martini made aerial yoga feel fun and accessible for me. She has a sense of humor that creates a carefree environment that makes trying something new feel less intimidating. I always feel free to do what feels right for me in her classes, whether that mea...

    Danette Frederique

    0.6 year(s) at Equilibrium

  • Erik Maldonado's success story

    Dedicated to your progress!

    I came to Jamal not knowing a thing about Jiu Jitsu or Budokon, wanting to try something new to get in shape. Jamal has dedicated his life to multiple martial arts disciplines including: Karate, Tang Soo Do, Jiu Jitsu, and Budokon. He is incredibly experi...

    Erik Maldonado

    1 year(s) at Equilibrium

  • Marni Nashimoto's success story

    Supportive Kind and Motivating!

    Took my first Pole classes here and was immediately welcomed by both the teachers and the students. The teachers do an amazing job of giving different levels of difficulty and options for movements so you can work within your abilities but also push yours...

    Marni Nashimoto

    1 year(s) at Equilibrium

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