A World Class Facility For You

Everything you need for better training.

Equilibrium is a World Class Movement Practice Facility serving Baltimore City and surrounding areas.

Whether you are a beginner just starting on your fitness journey or you are looking to train at a high level, Equilibrium has a program for you. Build a strong body and mind, celebrate your success, find your Equilibrium.


Our Vision:

To be the Mecca. 


Our Mission:

To move our bodies, discover balance, create experiences and foster connections. 


What we do: 

We move our bodies, seeking balance between the rough and rowdy and the sensual and soulful. We meet people where they are and help them to move forward. We challenge comfort zones, support growth, and celebrate success. We create experiences that evoke feelings and make memories, bringing fun and playfulness into everything we do.


House Rules/Values: 

In this studio we: 
Welcome everyone (Warmth and Inclusion
Support and build each other up (Stability, Safety and Support
Encourage courage (Encouragement and Courage
Help keep a clean studio (Cleanliness
Celebrate successes, have fun, smile and laugh a lot (Joy
Don’t tear ourselves or others down (Positivity)  
Are respectful and kind with words and actions (Kindness, Respect and Integrity
Do not have permission to give up! (Tenacity, Resilience and Growth




Find your Equilibrium. Call today to find out about our intro offer - 60% off regular prices!