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Positive / Intentional / Compassionate / Strong / Persistent

I began training in Muay Thai, Kickboxing, and Boxing in 2013, and became a coach in 2016. I am honored to lead Equilibrium’s kickboxing program alongside Jamal and Damián, and I look forward to supporting all students in their own training journeys. I am especially passionate about creating inclusive fitness environments that are welcoming of institutionally marginalized communities that have been historically underrepresented and/or actively excluded from participation in combat sports in the United States. My fighting style is primarily grounded in Dutch Kickboxing and traditional Muay Thai, with a focus on high-volume combinations, frequent level changes, consistent forward pressure, and power kicks. My instructional style foregrounds fundamentals, such as building upon foundational strikes and defensive techniques that easily translate across various training and competition contexts. Beyond mastering the physical techniques of the sport, I aim for students to understand the rationale behind leveraging specific strategies in different scenarios, and to develop a sense of why particular approaches may be more or less effective, in alignment with individuals’ own styles and strengths. Beyond the gym, my career focuses on advancing educational equity through collaborative applied research. I have a BA in Psychology, an MS in Counseling, and a PhD in Education. The theoretical foundations, engagement strategies, and community-building approaches of my professional fields heavily inform my coaching philosophy.

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