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Pole Foundations Owner and Instructor TORI


Mother / Nurture / Steadfast / Listener / Sly

My relationship with pole dancing is 15 years old and storied. I can’t say I’ve always seen it this way, but somewhere along the way pole dancing came to represent triumph over struggle. While there are many tools we can use to empower ourselves, for me, there is nothing quite like pole dance to quiet criticism and let in feelings of strength, joy, and possibility. It’s an honor to share such a beautiful form of movement and expression with others. My goal is to create a welcoming space for people to connect more deeply with themselves, while also building community with others (countless friendships have been born out of the fun and irreverence of pole dance!) I’d be remiss not to add that the art of pole dance is inseparable from the strong, smart, and kind-hearted dancers of the strip club industry. As a veteran of the industry, my pole dance practice is one piece of a larger intention to reduce stigma, raising awareness of the exploitation of workers, and make a positive difference.

Mantra: Ad astra per aspera

P.S. Tori is also the owner of our sister pole studio Pole Foundations Baltimore – check it out!

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